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Kenny Brown is a spiritual mindset coach, motivational speaker, and civic leader. He holds three degrees in business and accounting and has 15+ years experience in leadership and management. As a financial risk management professional, Kenny understands what it takes to be successful in high-pressure situations. He shares his vast experiences through dynamic and interactive motiviational and public speaking. As an athlete, business owner and talent manager in the music business, Kenny has successfully transitioned from one challenge to the next in his life; earning many honors, awards and recognition along the way. He shares his life, athletic, family, business, music and professional lessons in order to “change the vibe” and help others find their life’s purpose. Kenny’s personal mission is to exhort inner-peace, equanimity, and enlightenment through introspect, education and outreach; inspiring a culture of people who are rooted in spirit and who submit to a personal desire for wholeness.

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Tuesday 07:00pm - 09:00pm Kenny B Speaks

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